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After working with kids for the last 10 years I have discovered that there are so many kids in therapy and yet they still LACK CONFIDENCE, SUFFER FROM ANXIETY and HAVE NO CLUE how to actually LOVE LIFE.

Give your child…
in as little as 30 days…!

Your child doesn’t need therapy.  Your child needs confidence.

Too many kids are in therapy labeled with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, etc. These labels do NOT solve any of your child’s problems; they only make them worse.

Say NO to therapy sessions which last for years because each session focuses on your child’s problems, NOT ON SOLUTIONS.

 That’s why I created the “30 DAYS TO HAPPY” Coaching Program for kids & teens utilizing “positive psychology” THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. My program is an ALL-IN-ONE fast, easy, simple solution to teach your child how to be happy, love life and most of all gain confidence, ALL in a private one-on-one coaching program! 

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What parents are saying about Connie’s program…

Connie’s “30 Day’s to Happy Program showed my daughter how to be happy!! Learning how to love and trust herself has empowered her to love life! Before working with Connie, she struggled with trusting her own judgement and thinking negative or victim-like. Now she is believing in herself and trusting her intuition. All parents with any age child going through any life situation should hire Connie to work with their child!

Jennifer Lindner

Rockville Center, New York , Daughter age 8

I am thrilled with my son’s shift in perspective as a result of Connie’s “30 Day’s to Happy Program“. He has begun to think about himself, his own happiness and needs before those of others around him. He no longer struggles with self confidence.  Any parent or individual who is having feelings of inadequacy, poor self-concept or even those just struggling with appropriate social skills should hire Connie.

Janine Forte

Dix Hills, New York, Son age 11

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