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Start Loving Life® with

Long Island Life Coach, Connie Henriquez H.H.C.

If you want to be HAPPY amongst the trying conformity of the negative people of the world you’ve come to the right place!

Former beauty executive turned entrepreneur, Connie Henriquez created Start Loving Life to inspire YOU to change your perspective, be more positive and Start Loving Life.

Stand out from the crowd and make a difference in the world. BE HAPPY and HAVE FUN. Discover how to live life with greater purpose knowing ANYTHING is POSSIBLE once you Start Loving Life.

“When you Start Loving Life you choose to live life on your own terms, regardless of what others may think or say. Yeah, I know, not always easy, but damn worth it once you give it a try.

Then as life becomes real good for you, it is addictive. Once you have it, you do whatever it takes to hold on to it. Why? Because feeling good each and every day is that worth it and to settle for anything less is no longer an option.”

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♥ Connie

Connie’s coaching philosophy focuses on the power of positive thinking. Her specialty includes uncovering your positive, intuitive, hardcore optimistic self in as little as 30 days. You can work with Connie in person, over the phone or via SKYPE. For more information on how you can Start Loving Life with Connie click here or call (516) 340-0378.

Connie works with clients ranging from New York City, Nassau, Suffolk Counties and the Hamptons. A large portion of her clients also live out of the state, and call in from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, California, Ohio, Carolinas, Virginia and all over the United States.

All local clients are welcomed to our offices located in Patchogue and Woodbury, New York. (516) 340-0378

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Start Loving Life TV with Connie ♥

Your life’s purpose and why you still have no clue what it is.

How to get over a break up.

The one thing you can do today to attract the perfect partner.

Here at Start Loving Life® we believe:

♦  We are the creators of our realities, all the good stuff and (so-called) bad. We take full responsibility for how we live and do not place blame on anyone or anything.

♦  Life IS fun. We don’t make a big deal (or complain) about ridiculousness. And to us, everything is ridiculousness besides our ability to start loving life of course.

♦  We don’t get hung up on the problems of the world. We leave that to the problem makers and do our best to ignore the hopeless, mind sucking media.

♦  We love to love. We even do our best to love those who complain about life yet have no idea why their life sucks.

♦  We are who we are. Our own approval in life is all we need. Personal alignment is the only thing we have to give anyone anyway.

♦  The thrill of life is about having crazy, fun life giving ideas and moving towards them. We don’t believe in settling for boring and mundane.

♦  We expect amazing things to happen and they do.

♦  We appreciate all of our past (people and all) for propelling us to want more out of life.

♦  We treat EVERYTHING as a sign from the universe.

♦  Every problem has a solution. It’s called Start Loving Life.

♦  Most people will think we’re nuts. And we’re cool with that.

Choose Start Loving Life, the lifestyle that symbolizes the personal freedom to be YOU.