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homeConnie D. Henriquez is a self help author, certified life coach, motivational speaker and beauty executive for the French skincare company Clarins. She became well known through her contributions in the beauty industry and pioneering her involvement in the personal development industry by creating her own personal philosophy, start loving life®. Connie’s blog is inspired by her personal life experience and hard-core optimism on loving life in both beauty and personal discovery!

When you start loving life…

“You live your life on your own terms regardless of what others may think or say. Yeah I know, not always easy, but damn worth it once you give it a try. Then as life becomes real good for you, it is addictive. Once you know that feeling, you do whatever it takes to hold on to it. Why? Because feeling good each and every day is that worth it and to settle for less is no longer an option. Join the journey! Click here to subscribe to updates by email.”


Are you ready to start loving life?

Click here to discover start loving life coaching available in person or via Skype. Connie works with clients ranging from New York City, Nassau, Suffolk County and the Hamptons. A large portion of Connie’s clients live out of the state and call in via Skype from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, California and all over the United States. All local clients are welcomed to our office located in Patchogue, New York. Call (631) 730.6434 to schedule your appointment.

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  • I remember in my early 20’s, sitting in the Airport Diner in Bohemia, Long Island noshing on mozzarella sticks at 11pm with an old friend catching up and discussing life. I recall being dissatisfied with where Iwas and pondering what was next. Oddly enough I remember the conversation well as it went like this… My […]