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After working with kids for the last 10 years I have discovered that there are so many kids in therapy and yet they still LACK CONFIDENCE, SUFFER FROM ANXIETY and have NO CLUE how to actually LOVE LIFE.

Your child sees a therapist and all they do is talk about their feelings (hopefully at least…for the therapist’s sake). When in fact, your child NEVER LEARNS confidence, self worth or how to actually LOVE their life or themselves?

Your child doesn’t need therapy. Your child needs confidence in him or herself.

Too many kids are in therapy labeled with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, etc. These labels do NOT solve any of your child’s problems; they only make them worse.

Forget traditional therapy. I created Start Loving Life® to teach kids how to love life and most of all believe in themselves.

Say NO to therapy sessions which last for years because each session focuses on your child’s problems.

Instead say YES to Start Loving Life, the ONLY COACHING SYSTEM they will EVER NEED to TAP into their intuitive self and FINALLY start EMBRACING their SHEER BRILLIANCE and PERSONAL POWER to feel good and think positively (regardless of their problems).

Imagine your child smiling more and feeling more confident, regardless of outside influences and social peer pressures. Your child will finally understand the POWER of feeling happy, making smart choices and attracting new opportunities…in only 30 days.

Imagine that…?

Start Loving Life’s
“30 Days to Happy” Program


Connie’s coaching programs are very different from traditional therapy. Her approach is unique in that she believes:


  • Your child can learn how to be happy, confident and love life in 30 days. That’s it.
  • No child should be in therapy for years and years.
    Talking about problems (of any kind) perpetuates more problems in life.
  • Creating a positive mindset at an early age is the answer to all their problems. It’s that simple.
  • Personal development is the only investment that guarantees a return.
    With a positive perspective in life, you can accomplish anything.

I originally took my daughter to Connie because she was miserable at school. So much so she wanted my husband and I to send her to private school. As this was not an option I took her to Connie for help. Low and behold within 1 month of seeing Connie my daughter never mentioned switching schools again. It was as if the thought never crossed her mind which was odd because shortly after she started to become active in school even trying out for the school play. I am not sure what Connie did, but I am so thankful for what she has done for my daughter.

Jaqueline Koroskas

Stay at home mom 😉

Is Connie’s Start Loving Life® coaching right for your child?

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Start Loving Life

“EXCLUSIVE” 60 minute Discovery Session

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Connie Henriquez, H.H.C.
Long Island Life Coach

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Connie’s coaching philosophy focuses on the power of positive thinking. Her specialty includes uncovering your positive, intuitive, hardcore optimistic self in as little as 30 days. You can work with Connie in person at either of her 2 locations (Woodbury or Patchogue, NY), over the phone or via FACETIME/SKYPE. 


Connie also facilitates workshops and seminars, teaching the power of developing a “positive mindset” utilizing her trademarked Start Loving Life philosophy. 


She also coaches corporate executives on developing solid leadership skills, overcoming the stress and worry of the workplace and positively impacting life both personally and professionally.  


Call (516) 340-0378 or email Connie here for scheduling availability


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