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Start Loving Life in the Mosh Pit

Start Loving Life in the Mosh Pit

Daily Blog

Growing up I was fortunate (and sometimes not…LOL) to hear my sister Nat’s blaring heavy metal music through my wall as her bedroom was right next to mine.  After hearing certain songs time and time again, they even grew on me (come on, “Mother” from Danzig…how does that song not stay in your head hours after hearing it?).  It’s funny, because I would eventually ask her who sang the song in hopes to order my own copy from Columbia House.  Remember Columbia house?? LOL!!! Get 10 free cassettes/CDs of your choice for a penny but ONLY if you commit to buying an overpriced monthly cassette/CD for the next twenty years.  LOL!!  PS- not to mention none of that music was typically available on Columbia House.

Anyway as a result, I grew up loving and appreciating all types of music.  I remember loving freestyle, old school pop, Salt and Pepa, Faith No More and a wide range of music.  I also liked based on my sister’s influence bands such as Motley Crue and some other now extinct bands which shall remain nameless (ha!).  That was of course until she moved on to the likes of Megadeth, King Diamond and Slayer type music.

As I became a bit older she was also kind enough (;-P) to bring me to a number of metal shows which I always found interesting as the types of music varied and there was a specific audience for each.  One show that stands out the most in my mind was the GWAR concert at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC.  That was an interesting show to say the least (LOL!).  And although I was unfamiliar with their music, I loved how the band captivated the audience and the audience loved it.


As my sister’s taste in music evolved, I soon learned about thrash and death metal music which is exactly what inspired me to write today’s blog as Nat’s boyfriend Frank is the singer from the death metal band Suffocation.

Last night (like old times) I tagged along with Nat to Frank’s show at Webster Hall, NYC and was soon reminded of what I love most about music in general.  It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, but you have to admit death metal music definitely has the power to inspire and unite their audience together. And for that, death metal music is very powerful.

It is not so much about the extreme lyrics (as some would of course argue) but it’s about the heavy guitars, incomprehensible vocals (LOL), and about the energetic movement that is inspired within the room that gets the crowd going in creating that infamous mosh pit.

Say what you will about death metal music and moshing, but to see people appreciate their choice of music to that degree is very impressive.  Like life, music offers a variety of choices. Your only job is to choose what’s right for you.  Not anyone else.  Appreciate that you have the option to choose but don’t condemn those who choose differently. Mosh to the beat of your own life, which ever way YOU choose and keep everyone else out of it.




Why being perfect will shorten your life span.

Why being perfect will shorten your life span.

Daily Blog

PerfectionI love when people speak about perfection.  It’s as if people are always striving to be perfect.  Not sure what that perfection is, but I do know based on experience perfection is a crock and striving for it is disheartening and a waste of time!

There is no such thing as perfection.  And if there was it would be called dead.  Life is about evolving, life is about creating, life is about the excitement of trying new things, messing up a bunch of times, mastering something you want to master then moving on.

Besides, everyone’s idea of what perfection is varies.  So not only do you waste your time trying to achieve it, but then you become disappointed when someone doesn’t approve or agree.  That alone, is another topic but the point is do not ever strive to be perfect.  Strive to be YOU.  Whoever that is, regardless of whatever anyone else thinks or says.

Now, how do you know if you are striving to be YOU? It’s easy.  You feel good in the process, you feel excited about life and you have fun whether you mess up royally or things are working out spot on for you.  It’s all good.  It’s all fun.  Stop trying to be perfect, stop trying to please everyone, and just enjoy the life you were meant to live.

Live life on your own terms, try it.  People will think you’re nuts, but there is no arguing with happiness or fun.  And if there is, it’s usually coming from someone who is striving to be perfect and missing all of life’s fun!  Haaaaaaaa~~~~~~ Happppppppy Thursday! 😉

The Benefit of Healthy Organic Food. Or Not.

The Benefit of Healthy Organic Food. Or Not.


Who cares! Do whatever makes you happy! So many people knock food and criticize those who choose non- organic.

Oooooh…the chemicals…watch out for all the toxins you’re putting into your body. Geez! Really?! Now, I’m not saying I don’t love to shop at Whole Foods, as I love the food choices and the whole ambiance versus supermarkets, but regardless it’s my choice and just happens to be my preference.

Don’t cave into the pressure of believing all these articles that scare you into thinking that non-organic foods are harmful. They say you should analyze the ingredient labels because there are secret harmful ingredients lurking in your foods.

Goodness…many present this stuff as if it’s a conspiracy. And guess what, even if it is, who cares. I make my choices based on what I like and how it makes me feel. Regardless of what other people tell me.

Do your own research and then YOU decide!

What if people just spent more time focusing on the goodness of life, and appreciating what’s working? What if we recognize the wonders of having choices versus condemning the choices that people make? People would really start to feel better and be healthier!!! That’s right…I said it!

It is more harmful to the mind and body when to be focused on all the negatives! It is more destructive to the mind to…

1) Be in a job you can’t stand.

2) Complain, complain, complain.

3) Not feel good about yourself.

4) Criticize others.

5) Be unhappy with how you look or feel.

When you discover how to stop worrying about the opinion of others and start loving life, you realize…

It doesn’t matter what you eat, because when you feel good you make choices that feel good to you.

Getting happy is the key to life. Stop living the life you’ve settled for and start living the life you deserve.

Trying new things is fun, it’s essential to your continued growth and evolution on this planet. If you wanna be happy, you have to keep moving forward.

Start focusing on the positives, make your own choices, and your life will flourish, no matter what the heck you eat.


In and Out Burger

Connie & Nat- In and Out Burger, Los Angeles California, NAMM Convention

You’re stuck. Now what?


How to OVERCOME feeling stuck in Life.

I know.  It’s hard to believe that the universe (or whatever you believe in…) actually knows better than you.

In life, we have become so conditioned to feel the need to control things.  We plan our lives in such a way, that at times we miss many amazing opportunities.

It’s as if we think we know it all.  Little do we know the plan for us is much greater than we can ever imagine.  If only we would let things happen naturally and easily (as they should).

One of the major keys to getting what you want in life is actually being able to identify “what” you want in life.  What trips people up the most, is that they assume they are supposed to know the whole plan.  This idea leads to being overwhelmed, confused and not taking any action at all.

You become paralyzed and do nothing. You become complacent, stuck and feel there is no way out.  Life goes on, and you go nowhere.

Don’t get stuck in that rut like most.

Instead, picture how you would like your life to be like.  Imagine what an ideal day would be like.  The ideal job, the ideal mate and so on.

Once you have a clear picture in your head of what you want, you’ve already set the process of attaining your ideal scene in motion.  Your only job is to TRUST that your request has already been completed and BE OPEN to the opportunities that present themselves. That means EVERY OPPORTUNITY, even the ones that may not seem to make sense.

The universe KNOWS WHAT YOU WANT based on the vision you create.  It also knows exactly what you need in terms of your own development to make your vision a reality.  Being open to the opportunities presented allows you to move forward and take your next step in attaining your vision.

One thing to keep in mind is that new opportunities at time will feel uncomfortable.  Being uncomfortable does not mean you made the wrong decision.  Instead, it means that you are moving into a new expanded version of you, one which will push your boundaries and add to your overall development to get you going on your path.  This is exactly what YOU NEED- to get to where YOU WANT to be going.

So many times, I see people take this route and finally get the will to try a new experience and because of the fear or doubt that sets in, they assume they made the wrong decision.  They revert back to their old routines, their old way of thinking and they never want to experience anything new again.  THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER.

Life is always about growing and expanding as a person.  The more you grow, the more confidence you develop and the more amazing opportunities unfold before you.  The key is that you have to “feel” your way through these new experiences.  Give yourself a chance to get acclimated and you’ll be amazed at how great you feel once this new experience becomes second nature.

Remember, the universe will never give you more than you can handle.  You have the capability of accomplishing anything that is thrown (wink!) your way.

For every time you feel you can’t get this new experience down, remember, you need to keep redefining the process.  Don’t give up.  Just keep trying.  There is always something to be learned.   Perhaps the skill set you will attain as a result of your efforts is necessary to where you want to go.

Every level of success requires a different mindset.  Every new experience adds to your mindset to prepare you for your next level of success.

The only way you feel stuck in life is when you quit trying.  The only way your life becomes boring is when you stop trying new things.

If you want to feel better the only thing you need to do, is to start answering to the Call of Life which is ALWAYS calling you forward.  The only question is- whether or not you choose to go.

Why your life sucks and what YOU CAN DO about it RIGHT NOW.


Stop freakin complaining.  Yup!  Stop complaining about where you are, what you are doing, or who is doing what to you.  Just knock it off.

The more you complain, the more you perpetuate things in your life to complain about.  Besides…hearing someone complain is suchhhhh a turn off.

However, if you complain to a complainer…you will become the best of friends…yup…good luck with that one.

INSTEAD…next time…zip it.  Next time you open your mouth, make a CHOICE to speak of something good…refreshing…something WORTH talking about.  TRY IT…you will see in time…you really will…have nothing to complain about.

The lesson of this blog is…

1) The reason why your life sucks is BECAUSE you keep complaining…on WHY YOUR life sucks…

2) People do not want to hear WHY YOUR life sucks (AND if they do…THEIR life probably sucks as well).

How to handle someone who is rude to you…


Don’t be offended.  People that are rude to you…do not like themselves.  Period.  Their rudeness has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.  Many times, we take it personal as if we did something wrong or we deserved their reaction.  The truth is…YOU didn’t.

So chalk it up…to them not being happy with themselves…and move on gleefully—> appreciating that it is NOT you in their shoes…!  The lesson of this blog is…

NEVER let an anyone make YOU feel less than the AMAZING, SUPER AWESOME PERSON YOU ARE…

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