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Do YOU feel wrong for wanting more out of life?

Do YOU feel wrong for wanting more out of life?


wanting-more-out-of-life-I remember in my early 20’s, sitting in the Airport Diner in Bohemia, Long Island noshing on mozzarella sticks at 11pm with an old friend catching up and discussing life. I recall being dissatisfied with where Iwas and pondering what was next.

Oddly enough I remember the conversation well as it went like this…

My friend: “Con, I feel as if you will never be happy. You are always wanting for the next. It’s as if you are never satisfied.”

Me: Whaaaaa…??: (

OMG. He was totally right. I recall sitting there with nothing more to say other than thinking, geeeez what is my problem…I am so over eating these mozzarella sticks…if this is my life I am so screwed.

Fast forward 10 years later…

I finally had a new understanding of the conversation that night. It’s interesting to see the things that stand out from your past which at the time you have no idea the significance.

Interestingly enough, that night I thought I had a problem and what I feared most was the mere thought of going through life never being crazy excited about waking up each day, always wanting for more and never getting it, and being strangely disappointed that I would be subjected to the same long career, typical marriage in my mid twenties and juggling some kids until they were old enough for college. Again great for some people but for me…

Little did I realize that the exact opposite would happen and I would probably owe that conversation that night as my inspiration…

What I realized was…

I didn’t feel bad that night because my friend was right. Instead I felt bad because that conversation had me focused in opposition to everything I ever wanted, an improved job, more money, an awesome relationship…etc.

I was allowing some else’s perspective of me based on their own limited thinking (unknowingly of course…) to influence how I felt about myself and my desire for consistently wanting to grow.

As a result, I came to a very clear understanding, one in which I appreciate my friend for calling me out on…

90% of the population is content with status quo. They begin a career, work hard all their life, wake up on Monday looking forward to Friday and counting the years waiting for the day of retirement. And if that’s you and that makes you super happy, then that is great.

But if you are anything like me and find status quo terribly boring and suffocating to say the least then you are in luck…

What I finally realized is that there is a 10% just like me. You know…

Life is about the evolution of YOU. Which means you are always going to be wanting for more, long gone are the days when you pick one career and stick with it your entire life. Instead you will find you create a goal, accomplish the goal and then move on to the next…

And there is nothing wrong with this at all!

In fact, the most growth, fun and satisfaction you will experience in life, is when you continuously expand your boundaries. This is where increased confidence plays a role as the more you try new things and accomplish what you set out to do the more confidence you find in yourself. It is pretty amazing and life-giving once you start on this journey of self growth.

The second realization is something which is equally important and one that I was guilty of for years…

Appreciating YOURSELF. For years I neglected to pay attention and appreciate everything that I had accomplished so far. This includes everything, the little things, the great things and even the things you screwed up royally. Everything you do must be appreciated, because everything you do helps you clarify your likes and dislikes.

Some things you will want more of and some things you will realize once you tried there is never a reason to have to do that again. Every experience allows for you to make better decisions that are aligned with the NEW you and what you are moving towards.

Start Loving Life now…

Life is about progress. Life does not stand still. Life only seems to stand still when you keep doing the same thing over and over again. This equals boring, stuck and the feeling of discontent.

Instead don’t feel wrong for consistently wanting to grow and evolve. That is what a fun, amazing life is about. Expand your boundaries and life will expand with you allowing new and great experiences to come your way. Appreciate everything you can about everything you have lived so far. Give credit where credit is due. Every experience has created the person you are today. Don’t allow any bad experience to consume you instead appreciate the bad experience as a clarifying moment.

And secondly, appreciate yourself for every little thing you have done or plan to do. Once you discover the value in appreciating yourself you will see how life changes in the craziest ways and crazy goooood things start to happen for you…

What steps can you take today to move your life forward?

What things from your past and present can you appreciate for allowing you to be the person you are today?

Leave your comments below 😉

How do you release anger?

How do you release anger?



By recognizing that your feeling of anger is your disconnection from your own personal source energy and has nothing to do with anyone or anything.

How you feel is always an inside job and reflection of the thoughts you think. Anger is the projection of blaming someone or something for how you feel. It is then that you realize you have the power to focus and the power of what you are focusing on is dictating your emotion.

Therefore instead of holding someone or something as your excuse to feel angry, remember nothing is personal unless you allow it to be. Give people the benefit of the doubt that they are doing the best they can. And if for any reason they are projecting something negative towards you, it really is not your problem.

You have the power to focus and focusing on someone or something that makes you feel anger is never worth it.

Withdraw your attention and focus on where you are going and where you want to be, never letting how someone feels towards you be the excuse to not feel good…EVER.

My Chihuahua, Piper and Cancer…wahhhhhhh!!!

My Chihuahua, Piper and Cancer…wahhhhhhh!!!

Life Coaching

In October 2011, a vet diagnosed my Chihuahua Piper with lymphoma.  He gave her 4-6 weeks to live “at best”.  I was devastated but also very hopeful, as I never rely on someone else’s opinion if it doesn’t feel 100% right to me.

After much research online (due to my refusal to accept the Dr.’s grim prognosis), I found the most amazing holistic remedies that were either known to cure or prolong the lives of animals with cancer.   As a result, Pipes lived a happy vibrant life for 6 full months after her diagnoses, and passed in her sleep 5:05am this morning while lying in my arms.

I write this article today, not to bring knowledge of Pipes passing but INSTEAD to encourage others to

1) NEVER accept when someone (even a trained professional) tells you nothing can be done.

2) NEVER lose faith because someone (even a trained professional) tells you it’s not possible.

3) AND NEVER allow facts to dictate what your options are.  

There are many unexplained cures and remedies to help assist the process of many ailments, and or diseases.  I am not saying that these processes will result in a cure, but I am saying that if you BELIEVE, you have NOTHING to lose.

Each visit to the vet thereafter, my vet, after seeing my hopefulness, would always attempt to discourage me by saying, how it would only be a matter of time, and for everything I said I was doing to help her, he said I was “wasting my time”.  (What an a…)

Needless to say, I stopped going to that vet, but I often wondered how many other people would have left, losing hope and waiting for their animal to die.

So as I write this article, I am very sad to see my little pipes leave my side so soon, but I am SOOOOO THANKFUL FOR HER, and the amazing lesson which is…NEVER GIVE UP HOPE, REGARDLESS OF WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS…(even if it’s a trained professional).



Why your life sucks and what YOU CAN DO about it RIGHT NOW.


Stop freakin complaining.  Yup!  Stop complaining about where you are, what you are doing, or who is doing what to you.  Just knock it off.

The more you complain, the more you perpetuate things in your life to complain about.  Besides…hearing someone complain is suchhhhh a turn off.

However, if you complain to a complainer…you will become the best of friends…yup…good luck with that one.

INSTEAD…next time…zip it.  Next time you open your mouth, make a CHOICE to speak of something good…refreshing…something WORTH talking about.  TRY IT…you will see in time…you really will…have nothing to complain about.

The lesson of this blog is…

1) The reason why your life sucks is BECAUSE you keep complaining…on WHY YOUR life sucks…

2) People do not want to hear WHY YOUR life sucks (AND if they do…THEIR life probably sucks as well).

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