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Everything you need to know about having a smart kid.

Everything you need to know about having a smart kid.

Your kid is smart.

Even if others say differently.

Smart is defined in so many ways.

Your kid doesn’t have to be a genius to be smart.

Your kid doesn’t have to get straight A’s to be smart.

YOU make your kid smart…

…by recognizing ALL the amazing abilities they do have.

Don’t limit them by holding them to a standard of what other people say is smart.

Love your kids for who they are.

Love your kids for who they are becoming.

And most of all teach your kids that smart is not the ability to know, smart is the ability to love.

Teach them to love themselves.

And the smartness that is really them will be the smartest thing they will ever need to know.

Be a smart parent.

Teach smart by teaching them how to Start Loving Life®…at an early age.


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How to prevent your child from being bullied.

When you’re focused on bullying, you’re focused in the wrong way!

Bullying occurs because the bully is INSECURE.  No one bullies because it feels good.  INSTEAD, they bully because YOU give up YOUR POWER when you give them the ability to influence your emotions.

To the kid being bullied: In life there will ALWAYS be bullies (aka…anyone that brings you down)!  Sometimes they will be the kids at school, sometimes it may be an adult or teacher, later in life it may turn out to be your boss!

To the parents: INSTEAD, of fighting against bullying (which WILL NEVER work), EMPOWER your child NOW with the confidence to NEVER CARE what others think.  THEN, you will see how this bullying epidemic has set them up for one amazing life…IMAGINE THAT?!

For more information, on how to EMPOWER your child to take control of their LIFE, REGARDLESS of ANYONE OR ANYTHING, call Start Loving Life at 631.730.6434 to learn more about our NEWEST COACHING PROGRAM for kids and teens, because in LIFE, a person who is happy and confident is more powerful than anything that is not…

How to overcome your SUCKY childhood…

Let your parent’s off the hook.  They gave you life so YOU can create YOUR own.  That’s it. Don’t hold them responsible for your hang ups.  They did the best they could at the time (yeah…their human too…).  Think of all the times you screwed up when you were younger.  Now add a couple of kids to the mix.

Besides you have two choices…blame away for where you are now.  OR OWN UP to the most amazing opportunity your parents did give you…and that’s called a chance at a very amazing LIFE (however…the “amazing” part is YOUR choice).

The lesson of this blog is…

The reason you feel stuck is because YOU ARE ALLOWING your past to KEEP YOU from your AMAZING future… (and this my friend is a plain ole waste of your time…)

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