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Start Loving Life® Session(s):

“EXCLUSIVE” Start Loving Life Discovery Session:

60 Minute “Clarity Booster” Introductory Session 

Not sure if life coaching is right for you?  In this laser-focused 60 minute session you will uncover those pesky blocks (limiting beliefs) that are holding you back from the CLARITY of what is next for YOU! This session provides a “Clarity Booster” on your life now and what steps will get you going in the right direction FAST.  This session is perfect for those who are stuck, confused and simply need a change and want to move forward fast! In this session Connie helps you overcome self-doubt and see your life more clearly allowing your perfect solution to unfold, Start Loving Life Style.  This is a session you can’t pass up if you are serious about kicking your self-imposed fears to the curb once and for ALL.


Start Loving LIFER Session:
(EXISTING CLIENTS on the maintenance track)

40 Minute “Start Loving LIFER” Session(s) 

You’ve achieved GREAT RESULTS and you believe in yourself…BUT life is known to throw you some curve balls! No worries though, these sessions are designed for existing clients who need a little Start Loving Life perspective to get you back on track fast! PLUS, an AMAZING LIFE requires adjustment along the way which is why these sessions are SO POWERFUL.  When you know what it’s like to FEEL GOOD, your “creating power” in life takes on a whole new level. Don’t miss out on the power of feeling GOOD!  Only when things are GREAT, does your ability to achieve more take on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL…easily and most often EFFORTLESSLY.  Imagine that?

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Start Loving Life® Programs

3 Step “Hardcore Confidence” Coaching System: The only reason you aren’t farther along in life is due to your fear and self doubt. Explore this course and discover a re-branding of YOU.


This course includes the easiest and 3 simplest steps to tap into your intuitive self and discover the hardcore confidence in YOURSELF to achieve and do anything.  Stop second guessing yourself and STOP holding yourself back with dreaded procrastination. This program is a MUST for ANYONE looking to develop more confidence in themselves and provides the NECESSARY tools you need to become clear on who you are, what you stand for and the ULTIMATE SELF WORTHINESS that is YOU.  No longer will you question yourself and your decisions. Become clear and confident about WHO YOU ARE and LIFE WILL OPEN UP for you in CRAZY ways…in only 30 days.


“From Broken Heart to Brand NEW Start” Coaching System: Discover the easiest, quickest way to get over your break up, RECONNECT with YOU while Re-Inventing YOURSELF to find the LOVE of your LIFE.


This course is a MUST for anyone getting over a breakup.  Let’s face it, breakups suck.  Even if the person was not right for you, breakups can still be tortuous…BUT don’t get caught in a RUT. In this course you will experience the quickest and easiest way to move through a breakup while RE-CONNECTING with you and your intuitive self.  This course is designed to STRENGTHEN your OWN personal self worthiness so you stop settling for less than what you deserve while BECOMING the person you WANT TO BE which is the only way to ATTRACT the PERFECT PARTNER for you. Feel great with a refresh and renewed sense of self…in only 30 days.


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