I teach kids & teens how to overcome
anxiety, self-doubt & improve their self-esteem
in as little as 30 days → using my signature
Start Loving Life® philosophy…that actually works!

Does your child struggle with any of the following:

Low Self-Esteem
✅ Mood swings
✅ Perfectionism
✅ Negative thinking
✅ Lack of motivation
Hard time making friends or keeping friends
✅ Not getting along with younger sibling(s) or parent
✅ And the list goes on….

Unlike other traditional methods, I don’t treat the symptoms.

Instead, I address the root of your child’s problem.

Your child’s self-esteem.

That is the REAL solution your child is looking for.  

I teach kids & teens how to LOVEEE themselves and how to START LOVING LIFE.

As a result, your child’s self-esteem IMPROVES, their world changes AND those symptoms subside.

Your child becomes…

Happier (say buh-bye to anxiety!)
More positive (forget the negative talk!)
More confident (say buh-bye to insecurities and self-doubt)
Motivated (EXCITED to try NEW things and open to NEW opportunities!)
More social (Comfortable within themselves and around others improving friendships & relationships within the household)

Those are the RESULTS your child is seeking.

NOT labels that limit their true potential in life and HOLDS THEM BACK from discovering THE HAPPY, CONFIDENT PERSON they are meant to be!

I’m Long Island’s Life Coach, Connie Henriquez. I am the expert, master teacher and creator of Start Loving Life®. The coaching philosophy that teaches kids how to be happy, confident, positive and LOVE LIFE in as little as 30 days.

My Start Loving Life Kids “30 Days to Happy” program was created from my Start Loving Life “30 Day” adult program. My professional clients changed their lives learning my Start Loving Life® philosophy and they requested that I offer that same advantage to their kids.

That’s why I created the Start Loving Life “30 Days to Happy” Coaching Program for kids & teens using my philosophy of “positive psychology” THAT ACTUALLY WORKS.

My program is an ALL-IN-ONE fast, easy, simple solution to teach your child how to be happy, love life and most of all gain confidence, ALL in a private one-on-one coaching program!

Imagine your child smiling more and feeling more confident, regardless of outside influences and social peer pressures.

Your child will finally understand the POWER of feeling happy, making smart choices and attracting new opportunities…in as little as 30 days.

Imagine that?

Step 1. Call for your complimentary, no-obligation consultation to review your child’s needs at
(516) 340-0378

Step 2. At the scheduled time of your consult, we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure I’m the perfect fit for your child before you commit.

Step 3. If you decide to have your child work with me, then we will review your child’s availability and my current openings. We will then schedule your child’s initial “Discovery Session” at my Woodbury office so we can get your child on the fast track to start feeling better… 

Have questions? Email me by clicking here

Excerpts from Jack’s college essay to NYU…

“Here we go again, on my way to another expert who claims they can help me. For the past year and a half, I’ve visited tons of specialists that never understood my pain. They listen but don’t seem to hear what I’m saying. They put me in a box and label me as a patient they’ve seen a million times. I’ve been on the standard regimen of therapies and medications, none of which have helped. Every week, they make me relive the accident when all I want to do is move past it…

The internet is the last place to search for a doctor, but my parents were desperate. My dad found this “life coach,” not even a doctor. I’m going to a program called “Start Loving Life,” this is so stupid. We pull up to a townhouse in an upscale gated community. A large Mercedes SUV parked in the driveway has large stickers printed with “Start Loving Life.” I look at my dad, roll my eyes, and speak the first words since we left the house. “What have you gotten me into?”

She is waiting at the door when we get out of the car. She is a tall, beautiful, young woman exploding with energy and happiness. This is not what I expected. I follow her inside and am stunned by her beautiful home. A large open room with black floors and modern white furniture welcome me to the start of my recovery. She leads me upstairs to her office. I sit on a couch covered by soft feathery pillows. My attention is attracted to Connie’s hot pink laptop and the bright colors surrounding me. I’m immediately drawn to the warmth of the room and her personality. After spending the last year sitting in dreary middle-age male doctor offices, meeting Connie is a breath of fresh air.

I sit across from her and the first thing she tells me is, “This is the start of your new life.” I believe her. She introduces me to the program and how her strategies will change my life. We talk, she asks questions and I let it out. She listens, and she hears.

The road to my recovery is extremely personal. Powerful becomes the focus of my lessons with Connie. Making myself a powerful, achieving, invaluable person.

Confidence has a new value in my life. It is not selfish, but smart to focus on improving yourself before others. Every day I make a list of deeds others do to help me and ensure that none are left unnoticed. I focus on the many positives over the few bad. I realize that bad situations are learning experiences and that negative feelings are indications that changes need to be made. I use these as signals to lead me down the right path towards the person I want to be. Connie teaches me to be grateful and to be happy with who I am. I make it known that I appreciate everyone who helps me. Learning to love myself has boosted my self-confidence and is leading me to grow into a capable resilient person. How I choose to represent myself reflects how people will treat me. I notice that others trust and respect me knowing I will never let them down. I know that I have the confidence, determination and intelligence to be successful, and conquer any challenge I face.”

Jack Schoenfeld | Commack, New York


“Connie has changed my life in ways I didn’t think were possible. I started seeing her in sophomore year of high school with zero confidence. With just a few meetings, she made me switch my negative mindset into a positive one and taught me to always focus on the good. I began to love my self, and life so much more. It has been the best experience working with her, she is the sunshine on my dark days and never fails to make me smile even when I’m down. She is able to get straight to the point and keep everything simple, and calm down irrational thoughts I may have. She is my biggest inspiration and helped me along each step of my pursuit of happiness. After speaking with her about my insecurities, and accomplishments I still leave her office feeling unstoppable and on top of the world. I highly recommend you to take the same route I did, and start loving life with Connie !! It’s life-changing ?” 

Isis Rodriguez | Nesconset, New York

Adelphi Student & Dancer

“Connie’s program is terrific and made a huge difference for our family! She helped our family transform this summer to a calm and happy household with two teenagers. All it takes is perseverance and positivity.” 

Deb Servinskas

Dix Hills, New York (2 Sons: 12 & 13)

“Connie’s “30 Day’s to Happy Program” taught my daughter how to be happy!! Learning how to love and trust herself has empowered her to love life! Before working with Connie, she struggled with trusting her own judgement and thinking negative or victim-like. Now she is believing in herself and trusting her intuition. All parents with any age child going through any life situation should hire Connie to work with their child!”

Jennifer Lindner

Rockville Center, New York (Daughter age 8)

“I am thrilled with my son’s shift in perspective as a result of Connie’s “30 Day’s to Happy Program”. He has begun to think about himself, his own happiness and needs before those of others around him. He no longer struggles with self confidence.  Any parent or individual who is having feelings of inadequacy, poor self-concept or even those just struggling with appropriate social skills should hire Connie.”

Janine Forte

Dix Hills, New York (Son age 11)

“Connie’s coaching isn’t limited to her work with teens and young adults. I went to see Connie at a time when my career was overwhelming and I needed a pivot, I needed joy and I needed a reset. However, salary was good, I loved my co-workers and I was super comfortable – how do you make that shift when it’s a 50/50 split? You do it with Connie in your corner. I left my job of 20 years and since then I continue to have joy and confidence in my new journey. I’m so thankful for Connie unleashing potential I didn’t know was in me.”

Teresa Varela Lauper

Coram, New York

“If you have a teenager that is having a rough time in school or just life in general…there is a way to help…

Start Loving Life with Connie…

4 sessions of the “30 Days to Happy” Program with my 15 year old literally changed her whole outlook on being a teenager and at the same time, changed her whole outlook on life. This school year is starting so different than any school year in the last 3/4 years.

I am forever grateful for the amazing job Connie did with my daughter Kayla. I recommend any and all that are in similiar situations…to give her a call! “

Bob Blickwede

Holtsville, New York

I originally took my daughter to Connie because she was miserable at school. So much so she wanted my husband and I to send her to private school. As this was not an option I took her to Connie for help. Low and behold after Connie’s “30 Day’s to Happy Program” my daughter never mentioned switching schools again. It was as if the thought never crossed her mind which was odd because shortly after she started to become active in school even trying out for the school play. I am not sure what Connie did, but I am so thankful for what she has done for my daughter.

Jaqueline Koroskas

Connie’s Tips