1)  They know when to stop talking. Yes. That’s right, it may seem happy people may be on the quieter side but it really has to do with the topic of conversation. Happy people prefer not to engage in complaining, what’s not working in their life or speaking about other people. It is just not fun to them nor does it feel good. They are also intuitively aware that their attention to anything expands so why would they waste their time focused on a topic that would perpetuate negative creating of their own life. They just won’t do it, and you may see them sneak away to grab a cocktail if available. See, you now drove them to drink. Stop complaining.

2)  Happy people do not make a big deal about stupid sh*t going wrong. They know life is always working out for them and even in crap moments they understand their own personal power, and see the “crap” experiences as interesting only. They know the temporary emotional set-back serves only as a clear indicator that it’s time to get back on track to start loving life. Yes, everyone falls off track sometimes, even the happy people except they don’t use it as an excuse to crawl up in a ball and cry (for long anyway) and instead move onward and upward as quickly as humanely possible.

You will never see a happy person argue with someone who is acting like a jerk, because:

  • They quickly realize (oh crap!?) I am clearly a vibrational match to this jerk if I attracted them into my experience (Gosh darn it!! Next time I’m going to do my best to get on the happy trail first to avoid attracting the likes of you).
  • Why would any happy person waste their time conversing with someone clearly not happy about life? Instead happy people mentally send love smacks and secretly send well wishes to those with unfortunate non-loving life ways. Perhaps ending the interaction with a “start loving life” business card (optional). Because you know, anyone even the most miserable peeps can start loving life (plug).

3)  Happy people do not try to change the world.  Happy people know each person is on their own journey and realize some people are:

  • loving life
  • want to know how to start loving life or (give out business card here)
  • blame everyone else for why they are not loving life. (no business card for you)

Either way it’s all good, because happy people already know the world is a happy place and they don’t need the world to be a happy place in order for them to live like it is.

Choose to live your life on the leading edge of happiness and start loving life today.