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How to Break the Worry Habit

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Start Loving Life Blog for Mom, Start Loving Life TV


So many people spend SO MUCH wasted energy on worrying! UGH! In this video I am going to share the 2 ways to FINALLY BREAK the WORRY HABIT and it all begins with talking yourself out of it! Sounds odd I know, but everyone really does have the capability and it’s easier than you think!


  1. Donna V

    how can i view the stop worrying video

    • Connie Henriquez

      HAPPPPPPY THURSDAY DONNA!!! MY BAD…LOL!!! Thanks so much—didn’t know my videos were not working! ALL FIXED! You should be able to click and watch now! Hope you enjoy! XOXO!!!

      • Donna V

        Thank you – have a 13 year old who worries too much and has anxiety and wanted to look into your program

        • Connie Henriquez

          Sure thing! Feel free to call for a no-cost consult! I can give you more detail as to how my program helps kids that struggle with anxiety and worrying (negative over-thinking). 516.340-0378


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