How many times in life when you experience a life changing event does someone say…”Hey Congratulations”!

How many times when your relationship is over or a divorce is in the works, do you hear “Hey Congratulations”!  Never!  Instead, you get the “Oh, I’m sorry…”!

Why?  Because most often,  people (including YOU) are not good with change.  And by you experiencing any change whether it can be deemed good or bad, people do not know how to react.

In fact, we have been trained to let other people’s reaction set the standard of how we should feel.   So then, doubt sets in (as if it wasn’t there already), and we start to question ourselves and our  life’s present circumstances.  “Well, clearly I must feel bad, if other people are feeling sorry for me”.  “Clearly, nothing good can come of this change….”.

Wrong!  Why?  Because in life there is one reality, and that reality is, you are your only cheerleader!

You are the only one capable of knowing that you have the fortitude to move ahead.  Yes, there are some of us that have people around us that are supportive and encourage us along the way, but honestly that is not their job.

No one else can truly know what you are feeling.  No one else can truly know what you are wanting out of life.  And with that in the equation, we cannot rely on other’s to validate who we are.

Instead, it is up to us, and only us, to embrace what we are given, and that means everything that we experience and every situation that comes our way.

And yes, I know saying congratulations may seem a bit extreme to someone who is just beginning the process of a life changing event.  And you certainly may not be ready to hear it.  And in fact you may find it thoroughly annoying to say the least…

But in essence, what I am saying is (something YOU already know) that whether you just lost your job or just had a relationship end….

Congratulations on being the most powerful creator you came to this life to be… 

You are in the midst of experiencing  one of life’s most amazing opportunities for change.  And although you don’t want to admit it just yet.  You wanted more, you wanted a lot more out of life… and NOW is your time.

Create that perfect job you’ve been dreaming of.  Open that business you’ve been yearning for.  Set sights on that perfect mate and accept no less than you know you are worthy of. 

Embrace this journey that has been presented to you, and most of all “Congratulate” yourself for being that “who you are” and being open to accepting nothing but the very best your life has to offer!