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How to overcome your SUCKY childhood…

by | Dec 1, 2011 | Happiness

Let your parent’s off the hook.  They gave you life so YOU can create YOUR own.  That’s it. Don’t hold them responsible for your hang ups.  They did the best they could at the time (yeah…their human too…).  Think of all the times you screwed up when you were younger.  Now add a couple of kids to the mix.

Besides you have two choices…blame away for where you are now.  OR OWN UP to the most amazing opportunity your parents did give you…and that’s called a chance at a very amazing LIFE (however…the “amazing” part is YOUR choice).

The lesson of this blog is…

The reason you feel stuck is because YOU ARE ALLOWING your past to KEEP YOU from your AMAZING future… (and this my friend is a plain ole waste of your time…)


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