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Here at Start Loving Life® we believe:

♦  We are the creators of our realities, all the good stuff and (so-called) bad. We take full responsibility for how we live and do not place blame on anyone or anything.

♦  Life IS fun. We don’t make a big deal (or complain) about ridiculousness. And to us, everything is ridiculousness besides our ability to start loving life of course.

♦  We don’t get hung up on the problems of the world. We leave that to the problem makers and do our best to ignore the hopeless, mind sucking media.

♦  We love to love. We even do our best to love those who complain about life yet have no idea why their life sucks.

♦  We are who we are. Our own approval in life is all we need. Personal alignment is the only thing we have to give anyone anyway.

♦  The thrill of life is about having crazy, fun life giving ideas and moving towards them. We don’t believe in settling for boring and mundane.

♦  We expect amazing things to happen and they do.

♦  We appreciate all of our past (people and all) for propelling us to want more out of life.

♦  We treat EVERYTHING as a sign from the universe.

♦  Every problem has a solution. It’s called Start Loving Life.

♦  Most people will think we’re nuts. And we’re cool with that.

Choose Start Loving Life, the lifestyle that symbolizes the personal freedom to be YOU.