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Positive Thinking for Seniors: Why you’re only as old, as you “think”

by | Nov 26, 2019 | Life Coaching, Mental Health

Why you are only as old as you think

Getting older is not about decline. In fact, it is quite the opposite. So many things in our world improve with age!  But you must see it that way. So often, when people mention getting older, they line-list all the medications they’re on, complain about their body-aches and proudly display their new readers.

I get it. Living bodies age and change. But why on earth would you use those physical changes as a measure of how your life is going?  Your mind is much more powerful than your body.  Use that ever-growing, insatiable, vibrant, strong, mature bodily organ to gauge your health, regardless of the limitations of your physical body!

There are so many amazing things to enjoy and appreciate as we progress, evolve and grow. Why not focus on the opportunities that lie ahead, knowing what we’ve learned and using that knowledge as the catalyst to make the rest of our lives EVEN BETTER.

It’s strange to me how often that doesn’t happen and how people are actually using their age as an excuse or a way to hold themselves back from a continued lifetime of happiness.

It may not be easy in a world of negative stuff, but it really is worth the effort.  You should never be a slave to your age.  In fact, I dare you to use your age as a solid, powerful motivator to create the very BEST rest of your life.  And guess what?  YOU DESERVE IT!

Here are a few tips to follow right away:

Steer clear of your age. I’m not saying to be ashamed of your age. But don’t let it define you.  And don’t let other people define you by it.  Age shouldn’t be a benchmark for anything.  Plenty of people in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s and beyond are thriving, happy and healthy. Everyone is unique, taking their own path and defining what aging looks like. Be intentional and make your journey the very best.

Stop worrying. You’ve come this far. Don’t sweat the little things going wrong; instead focus on the little things going right. Appreciate the sunlight, the air you breathe and the very precious gifts we are given every morning we wake up. Life is what we make it and the more we appreciate our surroundings the better we feel.

Stop being hard on yourself. So often, we carry guilt from things we’ve done or screwed up. Who cares? Don’t ever let past stuff hold you back. Appreciate yourself for who you are: ALL OF IT. You did the best you could with what you had, and that is enough. Remember always, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Loveeeeee yourself. That’s right. Perhaps you have a loving family, which is always nice, but perhaps you don’t. Newsflash: You don’t need anyone to be happy! You only need yourself. Stop letting other people’s decisions or behaviors (including family members) influence your happiness. In the end, life is not about controlling others but only ourselves. Happiness does not come from others; it comes from within. Love yourself. All of you. When you do, it inspires you and everyone around you. Loving yourself is the best thing you can do, for you and for them.

And most of all, be proud of yourself. Life is not always easy and we’ve all had our fair share of struggles. Do your best not to focus on the negative; focus on the positives.  You’ve earned it. And YES, YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Long Island’s Life Coach, Connie Henriquez teaches people of all ages how to overcome stress and anxiety utilizing her Start Loving Life® “positive psychology” coaching system. For more information check out startlovinglife.com or call (516) 340-0378.


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