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Start Loving Life in the Mosh Pit

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Uncategorized

Growing up I was fortunate (and sometimes not…LOL) to hear my sister Nat’s blaring heavy metal music through my wall as her bedroom was right next to mine.  After hearing certain songs time and time again, they even grew on me (come on, “Mother” from Danzig…how does that song not stay in your head hours after hearing it?).  It’s funny, because I would eventually ask her who sang the song in hopes to order my own copy from Columbia House.  Remember Columbia house?? LOL!!! Get 10 free cassettes/CDs of your choice for a penny but ONLY if you commit to buying an overpriced monthly cassette/CD for the next twenty years.  LOL!!  PS- not to mention none of that music was typically available on Columbia House.

Anyway as a result, I grew up loving and appreciating all types of music.  I remember loving freestyle, old school pop, Salt and Pepa, Faith No More and a wide range of music.  I also liked based on my sister’s influence bands such as Motley Crue and some other now extinct bands which shall remain nameless (ha!).  That was of course until she moved on to the likes of Megadeth, King Diamond and Slayer type music.

As I became a bit older she was also kind enough (;-P) to bring me to a number of metal shows which I always found interesting as the types of music varied and there was a specific audience for each.  One show that stands out the most in my mind was the GWAR concert at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC.  That was an interesting show to say the least (LOL!).  And although I was unfamiliar with their music, I loved how the band captivated the audience and the audience loved it.


As my sister’s taste in music evolved, I soon learned about thrash and death metal music which is exactly what inspired me to write today’s blog as Nat’s boyfriend Frank is the singer from the death metal band Suffocation.

Last night (like old times) I tagged along with Nat to Frank’s show at Webster Hall, NYC and was soon reminded of what I love most about music in general.  It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, but you have to admit death metal music definitely has the power to inspire and unite their audience together. And for that, death metal music is very powerful.

It is not so much about the extreme lyrics (as some would of course argue) but it’s about the heavy guitars, incomprehensible vocals (LOL), and about the energetic movement that is inspired within the room that gets the crowd going in creating that infamous mosh pit.

Say what you will about death metal music and moshing, but to see people appreciate their choice of music to that degree is very impressive.  Like life, music offers a variety of choices. Your only job is to choose what’s right for you.  Not anyone else.  Appreciate that you have the option to choose but don’t condemn those who choose differently. Mosh to the beat of your own life, which ever way YOU choose and keep everyone else out of it.





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