Start Loving Life

“30/60/90 Days to Happy”

Teen Life Coaching Program

Discover the easiest, most effective system to START LOVING LIFE!  Change your child’s mindset from negative to positive and have them FINALLY discover what it feels like to be CONFIDENT, WORTHY and HAPPY!



In this Start Loving Life® foundation course your child will:


  • Learn how to focus their thoughts so they think on PURPOSE and POSITIVELY. They will stop thinking negative thoughts and shift to positive thinking which builds SELF ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE.


  • Become aware of their emotions and what they are telling them. They will finally understand how to process their emotions confidently and easily so they can FINALLY FEEL HAPPY (say good-bye to pent up emotions such as resentment or anger which causes unnecessary outbursts or uncontrolled emotions).


  • Discover the easy, FUN processes (given weekly) to use for the rest of their life to embrace their UNIQUE BRILLIANCE the way they were meant to!


**30/60/90 Days to Happy Program:

Each of the following programs follow the same format BUT consistency is KEY to making any long-lasting changes.  Your child will SEE RESULTS in only 30 days regardless of the program chosen.  For some children that is all they need, HOWEVER most children benefit from the extended programs due to the added benefits of the additional bi-weekly sessions in month 2 and/or 3.  Both Gold & Platinum Programs includes instrumental dialogue with the application of what your child has learned in their first 30 days of the program and having your child recognize their everyday positive results based on their new way of thinking is crucial in harnessing their own personal responsibility and confidence. 

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