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Start Loving Life Book
Start Loving Life Book with Connie Henriquez Kimmel

By Connie Henriquez Kimmel


The Philosophy of Loving Yourself and Your Life

Do you ever feel like you’re going through the right motions of life, yet you’re not loving it like you think you should?

Do others think you “have it all”, while you’re wondering when happiness will finally catch up to you?

Here’s the good news: you have the ability to love life, attract new opportunities, find true freedom, and be happy while doing it. The secret is to start loving yourself, first.


A unique modern self-help book.

How to love yourself and your life– what every single person needs!


Change your perspective.

Change your life.

Start Loving Life Book

The Start Loving Life

Philosophy & Lifestyle

  • Loving yourself is more important than you think.
  • Your self-esteem affects you more than you think.
  • Your self-esteem affects your confidence more than you think.
  • Your self-talk dictates more than you think.
  • Your past (good or so-called bad) benefits your future more than you think.
  • Use your “present” to leverage how you think.
  • You’re smarter than you think.
  • Your labels mean less than you think.
  • You’re more attractive than you think.
  • The “love of your life” is not who you think.
  • Your uniqueness means more than you think.
  • Your parent’s opinions mean less than you think.
  • Life is more fun than you think.

Connie Henriquez Kimmel

Life coach and published author, Connie Henriquez Kimmel is a passionate advocate for teaching the world how to START LOVING LIFE® and ALL THINGS PINK!

Her brainchild philosophy, “Start Loving Life,” is not just a mantra but a way of living that she embodies and teaches on the daily!

Connie works with her local clients in-person at her Woodbury, New York office and works with clients all over the world via FaceTime and Zoom.

When Connie isn’t spreading the love through her coaching or online platforms, you can find her loving life with her lawyer hunnnnies Jeff Kimmel, their chihuahua Pumkin and 4 rescued kitties! For more information on working with Connie, click here!