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The biggest mistake a company can make

The biggest mistake a company can make


They neglect their first customer: their employees.

It still amazes me how many companies spend so much money on marketing, advertising and all this non-sense and never think twice about their employee’s morale??

Word to the wise: Your employees are your first customer. If they feel undervalued, underappreciated or downright unhappy in any way I can guarantee you that some-how, some-way that is being translated to your external customer. Can you imagine??

Regardless of how much money you spend in order to attract and retain external customers, you cannot maximize your return on investment fully if you are neglecting the morale of your employees.

Think about it, how are you keeping your employees happy and engaged?

Do you trust in yourself as a leader? Leaders have the power to set the tone and influence the bunch. Do you speak to your teams as if the team’s success is a given, or are you always concerned and speak as such. A powerful leader believes, a weak leader doubts.

Are you acknowledging their personal successes (even as small as they may be) come on, there is always something that can be acknowledged.

Are you communicating the company’s successes (even as small as they may be). Sometimes when business is tough, employees get discouraged. Be sure although you communicate the state of the business, accentuate the positives (and that’s your work as the employer to find the positives).

Are you adding value to the workplace by offering on-site initiatives such as coaching for people development, lunch and learns or dress down days. The possibilities are endless…

Don’t let profits be thrown out the window. There are many ways to keep your employees interested and engaged. Try many different things and see what sticks.

Either way, the effort alone will speak volumes. Everyone loves to be recognized and appreciated.

The trick is, love your people and watch how quickly they love you back.

Happy employees = happy customers = happy results

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