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How to stop living in the past and move forward.

How to stop living in the past and move forward.

How to stop living in the past and move forward.

Many times, I come across clients who believe that their past is a life sentence.

But little do they know their past can serve as quite the opposite.

The only reason why most people believe their past is a life sentence is because they have created a habit of negative thinking and ALL they do is think about the past, reference the past and talk about the past.

What they don’t realize, is that is the problem.

The more you focus on “what you don’t want”. The more you are destined to repeat it.

Therefore, the more you focus on your past, the more you invite your past “stuff” into your current life or your future life experiences.

So, the solution is, you MUST start looking towards your future.

That is the only way to move away from your past.

Because what you are thinking NOW is creating how you feel in this moment and what experiences you will attract in your future.

This means that it is super important to be deliberate in choosing your thoughts and ONLY think about the life you want.

As opposed to the live that you have lived.

And the great part is the more you do this, the better you will feel over time and you will no longer feel resentful about your past.

But Instead, you will thank it for being the catalyst in allowing you to move towards the very amazing life you want versus the “not so fun” life you have been living.

Imagine that…?

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When to break up?

When to break up?

When to break up…?  I know.  When you are apart you miss them.  Then when you’re together, you are reminded of all the reasons you are secretly devising an exit strategy.

Don’t fret.  I know- you know the relationship is not great, and you beat yourself up for even staying in it.  But listen, somehow, someway the relationship has served you.  Whether it was the companionship when you needed it, or whether being with them allowed you to become really clear about the ideal qualities you want for your next partner.  Either way, lighten up.

Life is about exploring and learning about yourself.  Some times (even though we know better) it takes us a little longer to find the courage to make that change.  And guess what. That’s okay.  Don’t feel bad and stop feeling guilty.

You know you deserve better but this relationship has provided you with the  perfect foundation to prepare you for your future much improved, new relationship. Remember, it is easier to identify what qualities are important to you once you experience a relationship where those qualities are not present.

Then when you finally realize that you are done putting up with the stuff that does not serve you.  And you become sooooo clear about what you NOW want.  You will be ready.  Now, of course it doesn’t have to get to that point, but if it does for you…that’s okay too 😉