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When to break up?

When to break up?

When to break up…?  I know.  When you are apart you miss them.  Then when you’re together, you are reminded of all the reasons you are secretly devising an exit strategy.

Don’t fret.  I know- you know the relationship is not great, and you beat yourself up for even staying in it.  But listen, somehow, someway the relationship has served you.  Whether it was the companionship when you needed it, or whether being with them allowed you to become really clear about the ideal qualities you want for your next partner.  Either way, lighten up.

Life is about exploring and learning about yourself.  Some times (even though we know better) it takes us a little longer to find the courage to make that change.  And guess what. That’s okay.  Don’t feel bad and stop feeling guilty.

You know you deserve better but this relationship has provided you with the  perfect foundation to prepare you for your future much improved, new relationship. Remember, it is easier to identify what qualities are important to you once you experience a relationship where those qualities are not present.

Then when you finally realize that you are done putting up with the stuff that does not serve you.  And you become sooooo clear about what you NOW want.  You will be ready.  Now, of course it doesn’t have to get to that point, but if it does for you…that’s okay too 😉

How to get over ex

How to get over ex

How to get over ex (insert your ex’s name here…)!  Sometimes we fall in love with the IDEA of someone.

Then when we realize they do not live up to our idea…we then blame them for not being who we expect them to be.  But in essence…(and in fairness to them) they never were.

Don’t waste your time waiting around trying to make them into someone they’re not.


Thank them for being (and sticking to) who they really are, by not being who you wanted them to be.  Then…get the f*ck out of there…and go after what you really want.

Cuz life…is never about settling…for less then you deserve.