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Discover the easiest, most effective system to

Change your child’s mindset from negative to positive and have them FINALLY discover what it feels like to be CONFIDENT, WORTHY and HAPPY!


In this Start Loving Life® foundation course your child will:

Learn how to focus their thoughts so they think on PURPOSE and POSITIVELY. They will stop thinking negative thoughts and shift to positive thinking which builds SELF ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE.

Become aware of their emotions and what they are telling them. They will finally understand how to process their emotions confidently and easily so they can FINALLY FEEL HAPPY (say good-bye to pent up emotions such as resentment or anger which causes unnecessary outbursts or uncontrolled emotions).

Discover the easy, FUN processes (given weekly) to use for the rest of their life to embrace their UNIQUE BRILLIANCE the way they were meant to!

After working with Connie in her “30 Days to Happy Program”, my son is now happy, appreciative of things and sees the good in situations!  His anger is gone, he is working part-time and his public confidence has increased tremendously.  Anyone who has a child who is struggling with life should definitely call Connie.  The greatest feeling in the world is to see your child happy.

Dan Schoenfeld

Commack, New York, Son age 15

Connie’s method made a huge difference for our family. She is friendly, positive and her no-nonsense approach is easy to implement. She helps you see what’s important, gives you tools to develop yourself, and encourages you to follow that path. Highly recommend Connie!

Deb Servinskas

Dix Hills, New York, Sons 12 & 13

I am thrilled with my son’s shift in perspective as a result of Connie’s “30 Day’s to Happy Program”. He has begun to think about himself, his own happiness and needs before those of others around him. He no longer struggles with self confidence.  Any parent or individual who is having feelings of inadequacy, poor self-concept or even those just struggling with appropriate social skills should hire Connie.

Janine Forte

Dix Hills, New York, Son age 11

Common Questions?

What is the difference between sending my child to a therapist versus Connie, the Life Coach?

Connie’s coaching philosophy is fun, quick and easy to understand.  Her specialty is teaching the art of positive thinking. Connie’s goal is to teach your child how to Start Loving Life in as little as 30 days and also offers the additional option of future maintenance sessions, group classes or advanced programs as your child develops.  It’s as simple as that.  Plus Connie teaches your child how to think on purpose and be happy rather than focus on problems.

Connie also practices what she preaches in regards to how to Start Loving Life.  Everything she teaches is based on her own personal discovery of how to be happy and create an amazing life (something she wishes she knew as a teen).  That’s why she is so passionate about sharing her philosophy with kids at an early age so they can get a head start at being happy and feeling confident in life.

Here’s what Connie says about choosing a therapist or life coach: 

“Regardless of whether you choose a life coach or therapist for your child it is super important to choose someone who is all ready loving life, happy, positive and practices what they preach. 


Regardless of someone’s credentials never send your child to learn how to be happy and confident from someone who is not.  Kids are intuitive. The energy and attitude of a life coach or therapist determines whether your child will be receptive and/or respect the advice given.”

My child can be very angry at times; how can Connie help?

Anger is a very healthy emotion and should be treated in a very delicate manner.  During Connie’s coaching, your child will have a new understanding of their emotions and the benefit of each emotion as it relates to “being happy”.  Many times, it is recommended that anger be “managed” but Connie disagrees. 

Anger is a very valid emotion that only serves to indicate negative thinking. That’s it. Connie teaches your child how to recognize the emotion of being angry and how to quickly move along the emotional scale to release the feeling of anger to relief.

My child has an occasional outburst; how can Connie help?

Children act out for one reason only.  They feel a loss of freedom in who they are and what they can do.  Connie teaches your child how to think in a way that will open their intuitive self and help understand that personal freedom is a “feeling” not a condition.  Your child will also learn how to focus thoughts in a positive way, contributing to greater self confidence.

My child talks back to me? How can Connie help?

This is a very common scenario amongst teens and their parents and in Connie’s experience the most misunderstood.  Often children do not understand the meaning behind their emotions.  Therefore they do not know how to process their emotions which creates a feeling of frustration (and powerlessness) which results in your child speaking (or reacting) in a manner that is undesirable. 

One thing to remember is that when someone is rude to you (including your child), it never has to do with you but always with them and how they are feeling on the inside.  For example, your child may have pent up emotions and unfortunately as a parent you bear the grunt of their not knowing how to handle those emotions.

This then leads to you (as the parent) triggering their sensitivity in their feeling of frustration and they tend to lash out.  Connie knows this is hard to hear, but as a parent you cannot take what they say personally.  Instead understand your child is feeling frustration and confusion and really asking for space to somehow figure out what they are feeling.

Connie helps your child understand emotions and offers helpful ways to process them early on.