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The Benefit of Healthy Organic Food. Or Not.

by | Feb 11, 2013 | Happiness

Who cares! Do whatever makes you happy! So many people knock food and criticize those who choose non- organic.

Oooooh…the chemicals…watch out for all the toxins you’re putting into your body. Geez! Really?! Now, I’m not saying I don’t love to shop at Whole Foods, as I love the food choices and the whole ambiance versus supermarkets, but regardless it’s my choice and just happens to be my preference.

Don’t cave into the pressure of believing all these articles that scare you into thinking that non-organic foods are harmful. They say you should analyze the ingredient labels because there are secret harmful ingredients lurking in your foods.

Goodness…many present this stuff as if it’s a conspiracy. And guess what, even if it is, who cares. I make my choices based on what I like and how it makes me feel. Regardless of what other people tell me.

Do your own research and then YOU decide!

What if people just spent more time focusing on the goodness of life, and appreciating what’s working? What if we recognize the wonders of having choices versus condemning the choices that people make? People would really start to feel better and be healthier!!! That’s right…I said it!

It is more harmful to the mind and body when to be focused on all the negatives! It is more destructive to the mind to…

1) Be in a job you can’t stand.

2) Complain, complain, complain.

3) Not feel good about yourself.

4) Criticize others.

5) Be unhappy with how you look or feel.

When you discover how to stop worrying about the opinion of others and start loving life, you realize…

It doesn’t matter what you eat, because when you feel good you make choices that feel good to you.

Getting happy is the key to life. Stop living the life you’ve settled for and start living the life you deserve.

Trying new things is fun, it’s essential to your continued growth and evolution on this planet. If you wanna be happy, you have to keep moving forward.

Start focusing on the positives, make your own choices, and your life will flourish, no matter what the heck you eat.


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