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What Lawyers Don't Know

By Jeff Kimmel & Connie Henriquez

What Lawyers Don’t Know

How to Run a Business and Start Loving Life®

As a lawyer, you deserve to be happy and successful. This book will show you how. Discover the easy, simple ways to create a thriving practice and the necessary positive mental attitude to make it happen. You should be the boss in law and in your life. This book covers both.

You will learn how to sharpen your business skills and enlighten your path to happiness. The two authors combine their expertise to unlock the secrets of running an efficient law firm and establishing the right mindset for success. 

Two-part insight into law & life

Jeff’s Section

How to Run a Business

  • Why everything happens for a reason
  • How to create a niche
  • How to get business
  • Understanding financials
  • Do you need a partner
  • Staffing needs
  • How to manage people
  • Office Space
  • Insurance
  • Technology
  • Advertising

Connie’s Section

How to Start Loving Life®

  • Establishing the mindset for a meaningful career and life
  • How clarity is key
  • Be the best you every day
  • Create your own ideal income
  • Visualize all your goals
  • Take care of you first
  • Be the same you always
  • Love where you work
  • Invest in you
  • Knowledge is power
  • You are the brand
  • You control your own destiny

A unique self-help book for lawyers.

Business advice and mental health tips– what every lawyer needs!


Jeff Kimmel & Connie Henriquez

Partners in love and life, Jeff Kimmel and Connie Henriquez uniquely combine their skills, backgrounds, and experience to educate lawyers about business strategies and positive mental attitude.

Recognized by The New York Law Journal as a “Trailblazer” and true agent of change in the legal field, Jeff is Managing Partner and CEO of Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro, one of New York’s most successful and progressive personal injury law firms.

Connie, creator of the lifestyle brand Start Loving Life®, teaches attorneys how to overcome stress and anxiety utilizing her signature “positive psychology” coaching system.

Together, these two thought leaders combine their passion for the Law with their love for the Law of the Mind, empowering attorneys to maximize their potential, both financially and emotionally.

Jeff Kimmel

Jeffrey Kimmel has positioned himself as a fierce business leader in the legal industry.  In his role as Managing Partner and CEO, he has navigated the firm’s rapid growth and elevated its status to one of the leading personal injury law firms in New York.

 As a graduate of Wharton Business School and Brooklyn Law School, Jeff has meticulously combined his entrepreneurial business background with his keen analytical legal sense to cultivate not just a dynamic law firm, but an effective, client-oriented business that supports and promotes lawyer development, firm efficiency processes, case value maximization protocols, staffing diversity and community outreach programs.

 Jeff prides himself in developing a trusted firm, widely respected by the industry and clients.  To Jeff, the firm’s reputation is paramount to the success of the ever-growing list of satisfied clients.  This has led to consistent referrals, not just from those in need of legal representation, but also by referring attorneys who appreciate the wealth of experience and extraordinary efforts put forth to ensure that the value of each case be maximized.

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Connie Henriquez

Lifestyle & Relationship Expert and former Beauty Executive, Connie Henriquez created the Start Loving Life® brand to inspire daily positive habits in everyday living.

Connie teaches her Start Loving Life philosophy on how to be happy and live your best life now with private one-on-one coaching and seminars across the country.

Her signature coaching system, How to Start Loving Life in 30 Days has helped thousands of adults AND kids all over the world become happier, more confident, and in LOVE with LIFE!

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